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Note From The CEO: Exciting Changes Are Underway!


Every organization goes through transition and change – it’s natural, expected, and often exciting. It allows for “changing gears” and creates space for new ideas and possibilities. As a volunteer-led organization, we’ve experienced many changes and transitions at GAACC over the years and I am excited to announce another that’s happening right now.

But before I get into that, I am really very delighted to let you know we have a new member joining our GAACC Board of Directors: Mojdeh Gharbi. Many of you know Mojdeh; she is Co-Owner and Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Certain Affinity, our favorite video game development studio right here in Austin! Mojdeh has nearly 30 years of experience in operations, sales, and marketing with special expertise in tech, advertising, and real estate. More importantly, perhaps, she has a true passion for empowering others, helping her community, and advocating for local businesses. I am very, very excited to welcome Mojdeh to the Board and look forward to her input and leadership. Welcome, Mojdeh!

Speaking of change: I am very pleased to announce that Minh Tran has now assumed full GAACC Board Chair responsibilities. You might recall that Minh was selected as Chair-Elect this past February. Over the last couple of months, Minh has truly embraced his leadership role and hit the ground running – representing the Chamber in events all over Central Texas and guiding our strategic vision. You can read more about this exciting development in this press release.

Of course, any leadership transition like this is a little bittersweet. On the one hand, we’re excited to fully embrace the “new” energy and leadership that Minh will bring to the Chamber. At the same time we also want to celebrate the many, many contributions that Immediate Past Chair Jessica Chen has brought to us here at GAACC. Jessica – thank you! We are truly grateful for your courage and your leadership, and all the time, passion, and hands-on energy and effort you put into guiding the Chamber!

Rest assured Jessica will still participate in Chamber leadership and at our future events, activities and programs. You will still have many opportunities to connect with her – please join me in thanking her whenever you can!

Also, if you can, please attend the upcoming May 20th Austin Asian Impact Day. We have an amazing schedule planned: breakfast kickoff with Opportunity Austin followed by conversations with Austin City Council Members at City Hall, and finally an intimate lunch with Travis County Judge Andy Brown and Austin Chamber CEO Jeremy Martin. At the luncheon, we’ll also celebrate legacy leaders in the community and release the results of our recent Central Texas Asian Impact Survey. Don’t miss the chance to join us – RSVP here while space remains – and celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with impact!


Mark Duval
President & CEO
Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce