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Assess Costs Everywhere (ACE) Tool

A product of the Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration, this program provides manufacturers with the top reasons for investing and sourcing in the United States. With its analytic framework, links to public and private resources, and case studies, ACE is now available to help businesses assess total costs more accurately and enable informed decision-making.


International Trade Administration (ITA) Databases 

This query of the portal displays DOC’s ITA databases. Look for TradeStats Express, Exporter Database, State Imports, Metropolitan Export Series, FTZ Board Federal Register Notices and US Top Trade Partners for some of the most useful databases.



A business intelligence tool that uses data from hundreds of sources including the Census Bureau, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, IRS records, county courthouse filings, Yellow Pages and White Pages, business publications, the U.S. Postal Service, and corporate annual reports to provide a comprehensive overview to small- and medium-sized business about their competitiveness and where to find resources to improve. 

A website that provides a way for new and expanding businesses to find, compare and deeply analyze communities and available properties nationwide. The map-based search can greatly simplify and speed up the site selection process, freeing companies to be able to quickly and accurately make informed decisions based on numerous data sets including demographic, business, transportation, and property information unavailable in any other single website. They used data from the Census Bureau, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, an the Bureau of Economic Analysis


ANZ Business Insights

A website that offers valuable information by categorizing various sectors. This organized data assists individuals, businesses, and institutions in accessing detailed information on topics such as banking, insurance, and investing. Additionally, the website features insightful articles about industry trends written by experts. In its recent report, the focus is on fostering a more sustainable and responsible global supply chain for the future.