Advocacy. Connection. Education.

Greetings From Jessica Chen, Chair of the Board of Directors

April 29, 2023

Dear Friends,

As I reflect on this year’s AAPI Heritage Month – beginning Monday – I am struck by the vibrancy of our diverse and talented community. In my role with the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce, I am privileged to interact with an amazing range of entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders, and others who share our dedication to cultivating opportunity across Central Texas.

2022 marked the ten-year anniversary of our dynamic Chamber. We have reflected on the incredible accomplishments of the Asian business community in Central Texas over the last decade and are so proud of what we have built together.

In just over two decades, Austin has evolved from a college town to a tech and startup hub on the edge of being a true global destination for companies and capital investment. We are poised to take the next step in accelerating the international business ties in our region, and the Asian Chamber has been helping to drive this growth. Our internationally focused efforts will continue to extend and shape Austin’s connections to the global economy, but work must also be done at home

This year, the Asian Chamber adopted the tagline “Serve local. Think global.” Beyond it being a catchy phrase, it represents the twofold focus our work carries: to help position Central Texas as an economic power on the global stage but also to retain and lean into our fundamental mission of elevating small- and medium-sized businesses and communities right here in the metro area.

In 2023 and beyond, we remain focused on our commitment to ensure that our region’s advancements over the last decade translate into opportunity for all Austinites. The continued work of the Asian Chamber, our partners, and the Asian business community will advance regional economic equity across the region. Austin, and by extension, many in our AAPI communities, will continue to feel the growing pains in workforce availability, affordable housing, transit, infrastructure issues, and economic equity. The Asian Chamber is ready to work with our partners and help our community meet these challenges.

We continue our focus on the pillars of the Asian Chamber – advocacy, connection, and education – as expressed through our locally-focused, small business programs, our expanding international initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to member support and development. The Asian Chamber remains devoted to amplifying the voices of the Asian and Asian-allied business community, and we are excited about the year ahead.

All of us at the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce are inspired by the work being done by you – the members of our community. We are thrilled to continue serving as a catalyst for both local and global economic growth. Thank you for your engagement and support – your partnership allows us to continue this work on behalf of Austin’s AAPI community. It is truly an honor.

Be sure to take advantage of the Austin area’s rich opportunities to engage with the Asian community during this year’s AAPI Heritage Month. Don’t miss our Heritage Month Activities Guide – staff will be updating it throughout May – and get out there to support your community!

Kind regards,

Jessica Chen
Chair, Board of Directors
Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce