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Austin Mayor Kirk Watson Issues APA Heritage Month Proclamation

Austin Mayor Kirk Watson has issued a proclamation designating May, 2023 as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in Austin.

We thank Mayor Watson and everyone in our great city for this recognition of the critical importance of our Central Texas AAPI communities.

The proclamation reads:


Be it known that
Austin residents who trace their ancestry to Asia and the Pacific Islands have contributed much to the City with their talents and hard work; and

These residents speak many languages, honor countless traditions and practice different faiths, but they are bound by a shared commitment to freedom and liberty, while the diversity among Asian/Pacific Americans adds to the cultural fabric of our society; and,

Asian/Pacific American Cultural Heritage Month is nationally recognized as a time to celebrate the diversity of Asian/Pacific Island cultures and their influence on our community; and,

Residents of Asian descent have endured emotional strain and acts of violence, and only better communications within our own communities and indeed across nations will lead to wider understanding, appreciation, and cooperation;

Now, Therefore,

I, Kirk Watson, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas, do hereby proclaim

May, 2023
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

[signed May 3, 2023]



 Download a PDF of the proclamation.